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Mieke Blees

Swimmer, large original charcoal and pastel drawing

Swimmer, large original charcoal and pastel drawing

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Charcoal and pastel on paper, 62 inch. W X 42 inch. H

This large drawing on Reeves paper has lots of detail, movement, and subtle colors. It was inspired by the play of light, shadow, and movement of water. It also alludes to a larger, more connected consciousness our individual little lives are a part of. The figure is looking downward and is aware of the casted moving shadow and movement in the water. I see this all a bit symbolically and psychologically as well, as water is can be seen as the unconscious and the shadow as the personal subconscious. At the same time the drawing is a celebration of presence and pure sensory experience.

The drawing comes shipped in a tube. It could be framed or hung as is. I like using small finish nails, or if framing, an unfinished wood or white box frame.

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